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Parent: I prefer a specific coach. Can I move my child on his/her team?

Coach: I prefer player so&so on my team. Can that player be moved to my team?

Players: I prefer playing in invitational plays? What is required?

Let us highlight a few points. Keep in mind AYSO SAFE HAVEN and SAFE SPORT


Players are put at random by the system based on players’ evaluations by coaches in previous season.
AYSO aims to have teams of similar strength and skill levels. Coaches work with the player they have.
Coaches should NOT ask to have certain players put in their teams. This most likely create unbalanced teams.
Parents should NOT ask for a specific coach. We cannot accommodate this for the same reason. Follow the AYSO program.
A coach making attempts to circumvent this philosophy may be disqualified from further coaching.

Players play min. 3Q each game. This is Section 10 Subbing rule.
AYSO Region 73 is in Section 10 and Area A.
No player plays 4Q unless all players have played 3Q.
This includes the rotation of Goalkeepers.
No player sits on the bench unless they have a medical condition.
The sit-out must be well documented for any exception. A coach with too many
players on the roster shows a seasonal player rotation that is balanced.
A coach who violates this principle will forfeit the game and may be disqualified as a coach.

A Goalkeeper cannot be in the goal all the time. Must play also as a field player.
GK training must be established in 12U+ training. May start in 10U.
If a player is 3 times GK then MUST be field player in last quarter. 
Still follow Section 10 rule about subbing.
A coach who violates the principle will forfeit the game and may be disqualified as a coach.

equires to work amicably and make if fun for players.
Each season we train new referees and coaches. They make mistakes but needs to learn and improve.
They can only do this by staying involved. ENCOURAGE these volunteers. Help if you can.
Do not abuse these volunteers. If you feel you can do better please step up and help.

Any player interested in soccer is accepted by AYSO.
NO player sits on the bench unless there is medical problem for the player.
In AYSO core program all players are put randomly on teams based on skill levels.
There should be NO strong team over others.
Scouting for players for All Stars teams or tournaments starts AFTER 10/7/23 
Scouting early may result in rejection of the OORP.

Players and coaches and parents demonstrate this at all Games.
A coach who scouts and shows interest in a player of another team must inform the coach
of that player before talking to the player/parent or offering a place on the tournament team.
IF coaches and parents have the ambition to form a stronger team and play more competitive level
then they need to contact our regional board to discuss the options.
One of the options is to go for AYSO EXTRA.
This requires more commitment from parents and coaches.


The eligibility for your team considers a few factors. Registration, Training, Certification and Participation.
EACH of the team volunteers must participate at least 75% in their job of all scheduled games in the season.
Players each must have participated 75% of all scheduled games in the season.
ALL tournaments are by invitation. Teams favored and invited have:

- Two coaches. One coach and one assistant coach. Trained and certified.
- A team manager highly recommended for taking care of team's related affairs. Assist the coaches but not coach unless coach trained.
- Two adult referees trained and certified.
- Actively involved players showing to support for AYSO Vision and Mission.
- NOT Violated any regional or national policy & protocol on purpose or repeatedly.
- Received approval from the RC ( OORP approved ).

Violating any AYSO Regional and/or National Policies or Protocols may result in rejection of an OORP.
An OORP approval can be rescinded in case a violation of Region or National P & P was forwarded to the Regional Board.
The coach must start an Out Of Region Play request early so he/she can determine what is missing on the check list.
Contact our Regional Commissioner if you have questions. [email protected]

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