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1.     Any player who is ejected from a game by the referee, whether shown the red card or not, shall, in addition to not participating for the remainder of the game, be suspended automatically for the next game for which that player would be eligible.

2.     Any coach who is ejected from a game by the referee shall, in addition to being required to leave the field and being barred from coaching or observing the remainder of the game, be suspended automatically for the next game in which that coach's team is participating and for all practices of the team occurring prior to that game. If the coach is suspended as a result of ejection in the last game of the season, the suspension may be carried forward to any game in the future at the discretion of the regional commissioner and regional board.

3.     Any spectator who is required to leave the field of play by the referee shall, in addition to being required to leave the field and being barred from observing the remainder of the game, be suspended automatically for the next day of games. The next day of games means, in the case of a spectator who is a member of a player’s family, a day on which that player is participating in a game. In any other case, it means the next day of regularly scheduled games organized by the region.

4.     If a player, coach or spectator is ejected in a game under rules of competition of Area 10-A, Section 10 or the tri-Section (Sections 1, 10 and 11) and such rules provide for a longer suspension, the automatic suspension shall have the same length as and be served concurrently with the suspension provided by such rules. In addition to the IFAB Laws of the Game and the AYSO National Rules and Regulations, Region 73 has also chosen to follow Area 10A and/or Region 73 Rules not only in Area and Inter-regional play, but also during the Region 73 Core Program as well. 

5.     The Division Director or the Regional Commissioner may, upon reviewing the report of the referee (and any report made by an assistant referee) and any regional board member in attendance at the game or any law enforcement report, increase or decrease suspension provided under this paragraph 1 or may impose alternative disciplinary measures. The Division Director or Regional Commissioner may act solely on the basis of such reports.

6.     All suspensions and other discipline imposed under this paragraph shall be communicated to the person involved and to a parent or legal guardian of the person if a minor. Except in the case of an automatic one game suspension imposed on a player or coach, communication shall be in writing and shall indicate briefly the reason for the suspension or discipline and the means by which such suspension or discipline may be reviewed.

7.     For the sake of clarity, a referee may treat a player, coach or spectator as having been ejected even though the referee did not communicate this to the player, coach or spectator during or immediately following the game, if the referee believes that such lack of communication is necessary or appropriate to protect the safety of players and others in attendance at the game.

8.     In the case of any game where the referee is less than 18 years old and a mentor is in attendance (whether acting solely as a mentor or as an assistant referee), any reference to the referee shall also include a reference to the mentor.

9.     In the event that a coach or parent is sent off and suspended in either Core or Extra and has children playing in the other program, Region 73 will expect and require that the coach or parent serve the same suspension in the other program. However, point deductions for standings will only be applied for the program which actually generated the send off.


1.     In any case not covered by paragraph 1, the Regional Commissioner (or designee) or in the case of a player or coach, the Division Director, or in the case of a referee, the Regional Referee Administrator may suspend or remove a player, coach or referee or other person from participation in the program and may bar a spectator from attendance at practices and games, and may limit participation or make it subject to conditions, including but not limited to probation or attendance at clinics. The Regional Commissioner or designee, Division Director or Regional Referee Administrator may act solely based on a report by a referee or assistant referee, a regional board member, a coach, or any other witness deemed credible.

2.     No discipline under this paragraph 2 shall be imposed without notice to the individual concerned (and a parent or legal guardian of such a person).


 1. A Board of Review shall be appointed and constituted for the purpose of reviewing discipline imposed under these procedures upon the request of any person subject to such discipline as follows:

a.     The Board shall be appointed by the Regional Commissioner or in his or her absence an Assistant Regional Commissioner or the Regional Referee Administrator.

b.     The Board shall be composed of disinterested persons and shall generally consist of the Regional Referee Administrator or his or her assistant and two other Regional Board members. The Regional Commissioner may also appoint any other Executive Member of American Youth Soccer Organization to serve on the Board, other than the Area 10-A Director or Section 10 Director. Ideally, members of the Board of Review shall have completed AYSO Due Process and Dispute Resolution, or equivalent, training. A person shall be treated as disinterested unless he or she is a division director in the division in question or imposed the discipline in question, a witness, a coach in the same division, a parent of a player involved in any game in which the person requesting the review was ejected, or a person who has some direct personal interest in the outcome of the Board of Review.

c.     The Regional Commissioner or in his or her absence an Assistant Regional Commissioner or the Regional Referee Administrator may, in his or her discretion and having regard to the seriousness of the allegations, suspend the enforcement of all or any disciplinary action pending the outcome of the Board of Review proceeding. The Regional Commissioner’s refusal to suspend enforcement is not subject to review or appeal.

2.     The Board shall hear such witnesses and review such written reports as it chooses.

3.     The Board of Review proceeding shall be conducted fairly but it is not a judicial proceeding. The person requesting the review, the Division Director and, in the case of a minor, that minor’s parent or legal guardian may be present throughout the proceeding so long as they conduct themselves appropriately. The person requesting the review may make statements at the beginning and end of the proceeding but only the Board may ask questions of witnesses; there will be no cross-examination of witnesses. Participation by lawyers is strongly discouraged and a lawyer may make a statement only with permission from the Board.

4.     Appeals from a Board of Review may be made only to contest significant procedural irregularity or fundamental lack of fairness. A Board of Review shall not be treated as lacking fairness based on an allegation that the procedure set out in paragraph 3 is unfair.


1.     The appointment of an individual as a coach (head or assistant) or as a referee is a matter for the decision of the Division Director or Regional Referee Administrator as the case may be. Appointment of coaches is also subject to approval or ratification by the Regional Board. The Division Director or Regional Referee Administrator shall not be required to appoint any person as a coach or referee, as the case may be. Decisions, approvals and ratifications under the preceding two sentences are not subject to appeal or review, except by decision of the Regional Commissioner.


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