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  1.  Follow Covid-19 AYSO Safety Guidelines.
  2. Apply Laws of the Game by IFAB 2021/2022.
  3. Adhere to 2021 current AYSO National Rules & Regulations
  4. Read the rules for 6U/8U as they are different than IFAB LOTG.
  5. Referee decisions are final. Forward questions to the Ref Administrator.
  6. Covid 19 City and State rules must be followed without exceptions.
  7. AYSO Kids Zone rules are to be observed at all times.
  8. City Park Rules and Regulations must be followed without exception.
  9. NO pets at, on, around the field while children are present
  10. Parents to observe and control their children at all times.
  • For this season we must still be aware of COVID-19 infection and its presence in Kern County.
    Some additions to help reduce the risk for Covid-19. They may change any time. We consider AYSO, US Soccer and CITY recommendations. 

  • Home team chooses side of the field and Visiting team kicks off first half
  • No Coin Toss. AYSO Line Up Card is ready 10 min or earlier before schedules start time.
  • When starting late cut game time short and determine two equal half time periods.
  • Player safety inspection done by referee(s)/coach but social distancing as per recommendation.
  • Substituted players (going out) show jersey numbers to referee while standing on touch line.
  • No handshakes and no tunnels. We recommend applauding to players and coaches. 
  • Coach signs own ALUC at end of game but keeps social distance.
  • When there is no referee, coaches are responsible to return completed and signed ALUCs
  • Coach and/or Team manager may hand-in one or both ALUCs to the RRA.
  • Referees follow the AYSO guidelines for Officials. See also Flag Borrowing Rules.
  • Coaches and substitutes wear masks during the games when they are in the technical area.

Spectators and Side Line Supporters:

  • Parents observe their children when visiting to the rest rooms for proper use of soap and disinfectant
  •  Volunteer to help create the best soccer experience for your child.
  • Spectators do not approach technical area to keep players/substitutes and coach safe.
  • Do not throw or let others throw any object on or off the field while visiting the CITY/ Region-73 soccer facilities.
  • Spectators not sit behind the Assistant Referee. Suggest use other side of technical area.
  • Spectators not behind goals within 10 yards and not distract goal keepers in any way.
  • Wear mask at all time when talking to officials, coaches or players not your own family.
  • Keep your children safe and not allow them to climb or damage soccer field equipment.
  • Children should be kept away from park structures like fence cables and posts and the concrete soccer balls.
  • Do not sit or climb on the structures as accidents with injury or death may occur.

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