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Goal Keeper Punting Information

  • In 9U and 10U, the goalkeeper may not deliberately punt or drop kick the ball from their possession.
  • The goalkeeper may throw the ball, roll the ball or place the ball on the ground so it can be kicked by themselves or a teammate (no punting or drop kicks).
  • If the goalkeeper deliberately punts or drop kicks the ball, the referee awards an indirect free kick (IFK) to the opposing team where the infraction occurred.
  • An IFK awarded to the attacking team inside the opposing team's goal area, must be taken on the goal area line at the point nearest to where the infraction occurred.

Build-Out Line (9U and 10U)

The Build-out line only impacts the game in THREE situations:
  1. When the Goalkeeper has possession of the ball.
  2. For goal kicks.
  3. For determining a player's offside position.
The Build-out Line does NOT impact play for free kicks.

Goalkeeper Possession
  • Opponents MUST retreat back behind the BOL.
  • The goalkeeper may play the ball to either side of the BOL.
  • Opponents may cross the BOL once the goalkeeper has released the ball.
  • If an opponent deliberately crosses back over the BOL before the ball is released by the goalkeeper and then gets involved with play, moves to gain possession of the ball or interferes with play, the referee may stop play and award the goalkeeper's team an indirect free kick (IFK) on the BOL where the player crossed over.
Goal Kick
  • Opponents MUST retreat back behind the BOL.
  • Opponents may cross the BOL once the ball is in play. The ball is in play once it is kicked and clearly moves.
  • The GK may be taken before all the opponents have retreated behind the BOL, but if the ball goes directly to an opponent - play continues.
  • If an opponent crosses back over the BOL before the ball is in play, the GK is re-taken.
  • The player taking the GK may kick the ball to either side of the BOL.
  • In 9U and 10U, a player can only be in an Offside position if he or she is closer to the opponent's goal line than the Build-out line.
  • A player between the Build-out line and halfway line cannot be in an offside position.

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