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Refund and Account Balance.

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AYSO 73 is deviating from the AYSO National refund policies when we refund the full registration fee under special consideration.
The $25 AYSO National Fee and the transactions fees are non-refundable.

You registered your player on 4/4/21 in the Early Bird period:
$130 (regional) - $20(Early Bird) +$25 (AYSO National Fee) + $2.75 (Sports Connect Transaction fee)= $177.75.
The order looks like: 1212987654   4/4/2021  $177.75  

A refund was properly requested by email to the regional commissioner  on 5/4/2021.
The explanation for the refund request was discussed in a board meeting and it was decided to give a full refund including the AYSO National Fee and transaction fees.
The primary account holder receives a refund check of $130 or $110(Early Bird) and notices two things on the account.

1. The original registration order which registered the player will show status CANCELLED.
2.  A new order number (=cancellation order) is added to your account with a small amount and status COMPLETED.

The cancellation order number looks like any other order but with a higher sequence number and the date of cancellation.
The value in the cancellation order is the non-refundable amounts in the registration order.
For example:
1212987654 4/4/2021 $132.75 CANCELLED
1219987564 5/5/2021  $27.75 COMPLETED (non-refundable amount as per Sports Connect System)

NOTE2: In rare cases our Commissioner may be able to pay a refund higher than is allowed in the system. Your Region will have to pay for this and hence it is only given under exceptional circumstances. Sports Connnect is not designed to show a higher or allow a higher refund.
Very rarely will AYSO National Office be able to return $25 as insurance premium and administration work will have been completed.

Sports Connect system assumes that transaction fees are not returned even if Region 73 does refund registration in full.

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