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Do not wait until end of the season to verify if requirements are being met or not.
Contact Julio Velez for questions: [email protected]

= Sent in writing an application with TeamID and Head Coach name not later than 4th game day
= Include a list of all adult volunteer names and positions they work for the team.

= Requirements will include observations of the teams and the team volunteers.
= Volunteers not change allegiance to teams after game day 6 unless board approves.

Any exceptions are decided by the Regional Commissioner, RRA, RCA and CVPA.
A team is eligible when they meet 4 things:

1. The team is in good standing with region 73. Show respect for volunteers and AYSO soccer program
2. Fulfill all the requirements + Observations by staff members of all team members including the parents.
3. Team adult volunteers complete all certifications and gain sufficient experience to work post tournament.
4. Child development and fun promoted over "win at any cost."

It is a plus for teams which promote volunteering as AYSO would not be able to continue without sufficient volunteers.
A team which wishes to take part in post season activities requires adult volunteers for coaches and referees and team managers. Every tournament requires a certain amount of volunteers to support the post season games.
These volunteers are part and/or associated with the teams which are selected and invited for these tournaments.

The scheduled observation is requested by the team. A board member or designee will do the observation.
During the observation the team and supporters can show that they can present region 73 in a positive and fun way.
Region-73 wants to support such a team which can leave a good impression at invitational tournaments so we can keep sending the team and more teams to these events.

Below is an example but not a check list of observation points.

- Cheering for players and show respect for volunteers and the game.
- Show interest for regional health and progress of AYSO soccer program
- Promote and help to create a safe environment for all players and respectful for volunteers.
- Volunteer, motivate others and players to leave fields in a clean and good order after games are finished.
- Show interest in development of better soccer programs which AYSO can provide.
- Can help offset regional cost by finding sponsors for the AYSO regional soccer program.
- Assist the coach in promoting the AYSO six philosophies for better youth soccer in a child friendly atmosphere. 

- One head coach and one assistant coach for the team
- Complete all required AYSO coach certifications
- Be present at at least 50% of training sessions fo the team
- Be present at 50%  or more game days for the team
- Show respect for players and referees and other volunteers at all times
- Give positive feedback to improve game quality and enjoyment for parents and volunteers.
 Attend coach info sessions conducted by the RCA to become a better coach and help other coaches.
- Do not cheat in any way as it is detrimental for the entire regional soccer program.
- Protect youth volunteers in any job they may work.
- Ask regular evaluations through your RCA for coaching skills and applying the AYSO coaching program.

- Two adult referees which work regularly during the season and earn referee points.
- Promote youth referees in a fun and relaxed way
- promote neutral officiating of all games when and if possible
- promote good relationships with coaches
- Attend returning referee clinics and/or online courses
- Work enough games to become familiar with the LOTG and applying them correctly during games
- Attend info sessions with the RRA to improve on knowledge and study cases brought up by fellow referees
- Become a mentor for youth referees and/or promote other to help mentor youth referees
- Protect youth referees form being abused
- Do not cheat in any way for or agains teams while officiating games.
- Make sure that you know which team you are affiliated with during the season and will help in post season.
- Participate and ask for regular observations by the RRA to evaluate referee skills and LOTG knowledge.

- Assist the coach in distributing information to parents without delay and ensure that they read and understand.
- Have parent meetings with coach and parents to discuss any problems.
- Contact parents every week to understand their concerns, ensure players bring all necessary gear, water, snacks
- Have AYSO line up cards ready 20 min  before game time and hand to coach or Referee
- Assist coach and assistant coach as is needed to fulfill team requirements during the season
- Report irregularities and see how we can solve and avoid future re-occurence
- Help parents help themselves to show good sportsmanship during games and cleanup after games
- Help remind coaches to complete necessary paperwork in case of injuries or incidents.
- Call team referees every week to thank them for their work and remind them to sign up for next weekend games.
- Ask RCA and RRA for regular observation and evaluations to see if team complies with rules and regulations.
- Motivate parents to bring up new ideas and improvements to the regional soccer program.

Important Notes:

The board meets to make the final selection in the last weeks of the season.
The regional commissioner will have the final word to in evaluating teams for the invitational.
Teams which consistently promote a good regional soccer program through the entire Fall season

The board will not schedule observations without request. It is team responsibility to complete observations.

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